In addition to our experience in manufacturing gates, we are also experts in their repair and maintenance. We pride ourselves on offering a fast and reliable service to resolve any issues you may have with your electric gate, ensuring it functions optimally and prolongs its lifespan.



“My career began in September 2001 when, in search of employment, I arrived at a welding workshop specialized in the manufacture of rolling metal doors. While working in the workshop, the opportunity arose to negotiate with a man named Mériton from Mexico to install automatic garage doors, since there was no trained professional on site to perform this type of installation.

When an order came in for 60 garage doors, I was faced with a challenge: we did not have trained personnel to carry out this job. It was then that the owner of the workshop recognized my potential and offered me the opportunity to take charge of the installation, guiding me through manuals and tutorials.

With the promise of fair compensation, I accepted the challenge and dedicated myself to learning everything I needed to do the job successfully. This experience was a turning point in my career as it sparked my interest in the automatic garage door business.

After this first foray into the world of automatic doors, I decided to seek additional training in Mexico to expand my knowledge and skills in the field. This training allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the technology and techniques necessary to provide quality service to my clients.

That’s how my own automatic garage door installation and maintenance business started. Since then, I have been committed to offering top quality products and services, backed by my experience, dedication and passion for my work.”

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